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As Seen On Forbes


To captivate young minds through my emotionally stimulating colourful books (poems) with colouring pages and dictionaries and teach children a love for learning while entertaining them based on my experiences working with children, families and educational background in Child Development.


To provide diverse and engaging content for children worldwide. I would like to see my books on bookshelves in libraries, stores, and schools, fostering a love for reading, expanding children’s vocabulary, and teaching them good moral values.


I want to dedicate my books to my son, niece and nephew, and all the children, educators, and families eager to learn and spend quality time together.


Simona Stefanakova

Simona Stefanakova Garcia is an accomplished writer and illustrator with over sixty children’s books published on Amazon. She lives with her family in Dublin and writes poems for toddlers and preschoolers in English, Slovak and Czech. Simona has over ten years of experience working with children and families and educational background in Family Studies and Child Development. Her books are being ordered daily from five different continents. Simona’s interviews are already in three magazines. Read a recent article about her brand in Forbes magazine below. She has an entertaining and educational YouTube channel for families, Instagram and Facebook page.

About The Books

Are you looking for beautiful gifts for toddlers and preschoolers? Simona’s Library offers you educational poems in English, Czech and Slovak languages (paperback and e-books). Our books teach children about space, animals, geography, new vocabulary, foreign languages, letters, numbers, friendship, moral values, and overcoming obstacles.

Our client base spans continents, with many orders coming from North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia. Our books teach children to love reading and come with colouring pages. You can order them on the Amazon website anywhere in the world. One of our books (Baby Rocket’s First Flight) is now available in eleven languages.


Read and enjoy with your kids our colourful bedtime stories

As Seen On Forbes

Simona’s Library, her brand, encompasses a collection of children’s books, bilingual stories, coloring pages, and notebooks designed to inspire and educate children entertainingly. With over 60 published books, numerous notable career highlights, and a robust online presence, Simona is making a significant impact on children’s literature and the creative industry.

Simona Stefanakova Garcia, the driving force behind Simona’s Library, is a talented and multifaceted creative whose books and videos have enriched the lives of children and families worldwide. Through her captivating stories, innovative illustrations, and engaging videos, Simona continues to inspire young minds and foster a love for reading, learning, and creativity.


Sharon Kearney

We loved Simona's book. Simona Stefanakova made our granddaughter Araya the bedtime book. The whole story was personalised with her name. It was fun to read to our granddaughter. We will buy more of her books.

Katia McConkey

A fun read for my preschoolers! A good way to introduce space to kids. We love the Coloring pages at the end of each book. (Baby Rocket's First Flight, Baby Rocket's Second Flight).

Megan Mayfield

I am a native English speaker who is trying to learn Slovak. Simona’s bilingual books have been so helpful! It’s hard to find bilingual books that are on my beginning level, so these books have been a lifesaver!


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Letter Hunt. It will help children practice their literacy skills. It is available here:


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