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The Joy of Reading Aloud: Benefits for Children and Adults

Learn about the numerous benefits of reading aloud to children, including language development, bonding, and fostering a love of reading. Reading is more than a simple pastime or an academic exercise for children; it’s a gateway to a world of endless possibilities, a tool that shapes their...

Why the Next 10 Years of Children’s Books Will Smash the Last 10

The future of children’s books is so promising! There are several reasons why the next decade might outshine the last in this field: Overall, the coming years hold tremendous promise for children’s literature, with a focus on inclusivity, innovation, and educational value that could...

Children’s Books in 12 Easy Steps

Creating a children’s book can be an instigative trip! Here’s a simplified 12-step companion to help you navigate the process: Remember, each step might require multiple iterations and revisions. Be open to feedback and enjoy the creative process!Top of Form Dive into a treasure trove of...

9 Unexpected Uses for Children’s Books

Children’s books are not just for reading stories—they have a myriad of unexpected uses that can spark creativity and imagination in unique ways. Let’s explore nine surprising ways to utilize children’s books beyond their traditional purpose: 1. Artistic Inspiration: Use colourful...
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Children's Books for Boys and Girls

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